I have wasted my prime

A glittering array of sparkles Calling to me from behind glass, Rows of different desires Organised by class. An emotionless machine Ready to engulf my hard earned coin, Swallowing gold, silver and bronze Whispering tails of a class I now beg to join. Each breath is heavy, Each moment weighed with time, I must work…

Bloodied hands reaching for more

The other field is greener Holding lush, evergrowing leaves. Yet here I am fenced Forced to hush, unless we become thieves. My hands are bruised and torn Nails chipped, yet still, ​they yearn. Fence too high for me to jump Wings clipped, when will I learn? A haze of gold and red I’m blind, the…

How to get out of bed

Warm light slices through Sharp edges catching your glare, The sun rising higher and higher You ignore it’s judging stare. Another chime echoes from outside Church bells ringing through​ the streets, You place pillow to your ears Before finally​, giving up in defeat.     Unfurl

A blurring tide of faces

A blurring tide of faces. A fluttering parade of grey, Limbs slowly dripping Needing to be patched with clay. A blurring tide of faces. Eye’s looming at the floor, Skittering gazes refusing​ to ponder As if there is a silent war.   Uniform

Hush woman! Take your hormones out of the office

“This is your workplace!” He screamed, letting his voice carry until all the smirking eye’s turned to watch her. He carried on yelling,  “stop being so brassy and take your hormones to the bathroom.” A hushed laughter fell across the room, bouncing from desk to desk until the mocking tune surrounded her. “I only asked when…

Final days of studenthood

Oh how I miss it. Staying up till 4am, my head resting against the side of a chilled toilet seat. Binge-watching TV shows with my housemates for days on end, deciding it was acceptable to eat a large pizza, six chicken wings and a horde of chocolate by myself. But now… will I ever eat…

Endless cycle

Finally, you’re home. Exhausted you peel off the sweaty black heels that your boss insists are “professional”. You set your worn bag onto the floor,  its comforting thump hits you with nostalgia. Your eyes accidently glide to the bags handle, an unexpected meeting you pause, it’s slumped body singing a sad tune and you sigh….