A mane that emits desperation

"Please!" She begged. "No," I replied. "Just this once!" "Never." "I have no other choice, you're the only one who can do it!" I sighed, my body deflating with the realisation that yes, I was her only option. "Fine," I grab the brush from her hand, "but this is the last time." She squeals, sitting... Continue Reading →


Kicking of the unborn

She can't walk Her swollen feet sweating beneath socks, She can't walk Turning she looks at the wall lined with clocks. Three months left. She can't eat Turning down each fork stabbed with bounties, She can't eat No matter what hunters bring from each, and every county. One month left. She can't sleep Her belly... Continue Reading →

Being a woman is terrifying

It's hard being a woman My first breath already seized, Doctors naming me adorable Chained as they teased. It's hard wearing skirts When you want to jump, kick and run, A scolding teacher telling you to sit still Whilst boys are allowed to have fun. It's hard when girls grow up Having to plaster orange... Continue Reading →

Why is it so hard to say no?

I read somewhere that females find it harder to outright say no rather than men, apparently, this is because men are respected for being strong and giving orders and commands, whilst woman should use softer and more "ladylike" language. I thought surely not, then realised that indeed, I don't say no. I say no thank... Continue Reading →

To pluck, or not to pluck, a feminist rant

"Ew what the hell is that on your legs -" Oh, you mean the leg hair that fifty percent of the population feel they must scour off their skin, encase young girls feel empowered to accept their normal and natural bodies. "That's disgusting and unhygienic -" Actually, it's very hygienic, otherwise, men would be falling to the... Continue Reading →

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