A cocky wizard

"I know what I'm doing," she whispered to Kim. Her friend raised an eyebrow, "sure you do," she muttered. "I do!" Chloe bellowed, picking up the wand with confidence. It was heavier than expected, the crevices in the wood gripping her skin. "Chloe... Please say you're seeing this?" "What," Chloe spun around, not seeing the... Continue Reading →


A mischevious quill

The wizard smiled proudly, mocking the peasants who knew not what magic was, let alone wield it. "I can easily fix your leg," he yelled. The crowd cooed at his words, eyes focused on his form as he took out his Quill. He asked the man before him, "what is your name?" "Why would you... Continue Reading →

A wizard’s lack of hospitality

She knocked on the door, silence. She knocked on the door again, screaming emerged from inside the house. Annoyed, she continuously banged on the door until - "WHAT!" The wizard screamed, flinging the door back with such vigour it smacked him right in the face. Wincing, she stepped inside. "You invited me for dinner... remember?" She... Continue Reading →

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