A witch soaring

Hills became swallowed By dark advances, Her broom shivering As she bets her chances. Stars burn Crisps embers fizzling away, The last strands of sunlight Disappearing with the day. The cold wind bites Her hands itch, But still, she goes on A newly fledged witch.


A class of mocking mages (a mage in training, part 11)

Her limbs killed, a chorus of moans escaping her lips as she dragged her broken body out from the thin blanket. She cursed mornings, calling the sun a hateful creature as she dressed in her mage gear. Ignoring the growl from her belly, she left for her first lesson. "Little late, aren't we Ash?" The... Continue Reading →

A student witch vs the exam

The clocks ticking filled the space, harmonising with the grinding minds of the students. Come on, just this once work, she prayed. Surveying the room the other students were halfway done, each desk filled with different elements trapped in elaborate cages. One boy with scruffy blonde hair wiped the sweat of his brow, fire raging... Continue Reading →

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