A Splintering Chill

The bitter windDances so sweetly,Caressing my cheeksOh so meekly. Talans emerge To swipe at my skin,Red spots gleamingAs foe merges with kin.The bitter windSings of lingering heat,Dawn simmering to dusk Kissing to greet.Blades of ice escape From a looming winter,I shudder back to warmthBefore my body begins to splinter.

I am the faceless frost

I am faceless Expressionless, A blank smile I wander directionless. I am bodiless Ethereal, Without skin or bone I lack any and every material. Yet I am here There, Dancing and singing I dive in the air. I am winter Frost, A swirl of ice melting in the blazing sun I am now lost. Faceless

A puppy refusing to leave

"No." "Now now, come on darling." "No." "Don't give me that tone." "I'm not leaving." "Come on, let me just clip - HEY GET BACK HERE!" "Catch me!" "We're not playing this game." "We are or I'll never leave! Oh look, a lovely family out for a walk, time for me to go and jump... Continue Reading →

A forest burning with copper leaves

A world of red and orange Forests burning with death, The cries of the wounded a crackle on the wind Winter has created dragons breath. I jump, falling into piles of the dead Their bodies cushioning my fall, My sight is taken by bruning copper Winter has begun to call. The leaves whisper goodbye I... Continue Reading →

A shy winter has begun to spread

The sun rises yet brings little warmth A biting chill stuck on the air, Sticky darkness refusing to leave Leaving a lasting, solemn despair. Dust and worries caught on the breeze Which your eyes lashes flutter to dispel, Water tearing down frost-bitten cheeks Breath, the taste of winter is what you smell. Shades of copper... Continue Reading →

A real understanding of student life

"It is so cold," Sam says, shivering under the three duvets layered on top of them. "I know," Chloe replies. "That is it!" Rose screams, emerging from the duvet fortress and into the sub zero temperatures of the lounge. "I'm turning the heating on!" "No!" The other two scream in unison. "Just this once!" Rose... Continue Reading →

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