Shards of emotion snapping against the ground

To the sky to the sky They cry, Eyes flickering above the birds As they ask why. Problems fluttering through their hearts And scorching their blood, Ideals thickening the air Until every step is as if walking through mud. To the sky to the sky They cry, Hearts heavy in pain Guilt flashing before their... Continue Reading →


A drilling in my mind

A soft thud Hamering against my skull, Awakening me from the darkness Stealing my mind from the lull. A heartbeat echoing Like the dripping of the rain, Slipping through my mind Making me insane. A ticking of a clock The rumbling of feet, Constant howling of a furious wind I sit up ready to meet,... Continue Reading →

The howl of the narcissistic wind

Branches battle against glass Trying to escape the wind's grasp, Window is forced to slam open Chocking me, I rasp. Twigs sticking to my hair A nest forming in the locks, Twirls of dusted gusts It has stolen my voice box. I am mute Trapped in a whirlwind of stolen goods, The thundering noise forcing... Continue Reading →

The insatiable curiosity of a breeze

A gentle breeze Cuts through the land, Singing a tune That is always in demand. A gentle breeze Stirs the trees alone, Singing a tune Of wanting to be known. A gentle breeze Slowly descends down, Once shy amongst the clouds It now brazenly​ enters a town. A gentle breeze Sings amongst the crowd, Children... Continue Reading →

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