Crystalised sound

Hoops of blue Looping the glass, Shimmering with glee Light dancing like grass. Drips falling like shards To shatter against the ground, Water sparkling like diamonds With that crystalised sound. Warm light heating Until it resembles a dusty sun, The garden smiles Knowing summers begun.

A path of crunching crisps

Trees shed their fur Leaves shattering the ground, Cascading above me Until I am drowned. My feet crunch The debris so chillingly crisp, Noise echoing Until it is all but a wisp. It flickers my pulse Sharp edges cutting my skin, Mustard hues smothering my shoes Until I cannot help but grin.

A splinter of light

Caught between the breezes Swirling, It all but teases. Dancing between the buds Glinting Before it floods. A dark sky Torn, By a heated cry. Sunshine falling like waves Cascading, Kindly it saves.   If you like this follow my twitter to get notifications on new content! If you’d like more please head over to my website! Follow... Continue Reading →

Her lips

He is staring at me, Samy thought, as she watched her blind date gawk at her. "So, your name is Tom?" She asked, hoping that his creepiness was just some pre-date jitters. "Ye-yeah," he stuttered, eyes still transfixed on her lips. "What do you do?" She asked. He ignored her question, still staring bashfully at... Continue Reading →

Brutal seagulls​ at the beach

"Be careful with that," she whispers, handing the two ice creams over. "What?" The tourist asks. "The birds are bad here," she responds.  The man laughs, mocking the girl's concern. A few minutes later a yell can be heard, the girl leans over the counter and sighs at the sight. Five seagulls circle the couple,... Continue Reading →

A particularly grumpy cow​

"Don't do it," Sam whispered, eyes scanning the field for the cow in question. "It will be fine, I'm not walking all the way around that's ridiculous," Chloe replied. Easing the wooden gate open she stepped into the field, confident smile marking her lips as she turned to her friend. "Don't just stand there!" He screamed,... Continue Reading →

An ice cream the size of her head

"A whipped ice cream please," the customer asks. I begin to turn before a tiny giggle catches my attention, looking down,  I meet eyes with a small child. Her blonde hair is in two pink bobbles, pudgy cheeks covered with chocolate and large eyes already tainted with a sugar rush. "A child's cone?" I ask,... Continue Reading →

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