The disturbing conclusion of students​​ cooking

"That looks... amazing?" I utter, the words trembling from my lips. "Unlike you, I'm no chef..." Anna replies, eye brows raised in mock. Her pan is full of a lumpy red substance, the sizzle sounding morphed and pained. Bits of pepper and tomato begin to ooze onto the counter, they run to escape their fate.... Continue Reading →


Do not touch a students pile of dishes

"Anna shall I wash yours up too?" Kim bellowed from the kitchen. "My what?" Anna screamed back. "I'm doing the dishes!" Kim heard a large thud as if her flatmate had fallen out of her bed still wrapped in her duvet, then, a rustling as she belted it down the stairs. "No!" Anna screamed, messy hair... Continue Reading →

A rebellious​ student

Sally could feel it, the silence in that air crackling with energy. Sally could taste it, the conflict in the room creating a sizzling burn that layered her lips, she licked the chapped corners. "Sally, you know the rule," Miss Winston bellowed, her voice scratching at Sally's raw ears that had already endured countless hours... Continue Reading →

A real understanding of student life

"It is so cold," Sam says, shivering under the three duvets layered on top of them. "I know," Chloe replies. "That is it!" Rose screams, emerging from the duvet fortress and into the sub zero temperatures of the lounge. "I'm turning the heating on!" "No!" The other two scream in unison. "Just this once!" Rose... Continue Reading →

The mocking words of an exam paper

He walks in, calming breaths easing his nerves. The student follows his friends, stealing glances to see half smiles not quite reaching their eyes as they sit in the meticulous rows. The boy sits, he does not need to fear, he is ready for - "Well hello there clammy," a mocking voice said. The boy looks... Continue Reading →

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