A man clouded by soffocation

He feels suffocated A heavy feeling on his chest, Generations watching Pushing him to do his best? He feels weighed Seconds spilling like sand, Hours leaking from the bottle Until he can't withstand. He feels mocked This world laughing at what he lacks, Eyes never leaving Staring at his every act.


Nothing but our enviroment

We, rather than me. We, rather than them. We, rather than me and them. A universe experiencing itself, Is its own hallucination, Its own self. Two different voices in your head, Do you consider them both your self? Do you think you have two different people in your head? The self is created almost entirely... Continue Reading →

“I’m so sick of this fake love”

I'm so sick of this fake love These mass-produced sweets, Wrappers sticking to my skin Their tune smothering my heart's beat. Fake love Grinding on the screen, Lips scorched red Dying in a twisted routine. I'm so sick of this fake love Spoon fed to the masses, Delivered to youth Distilled love taught in classes.... Continue Reading →

I have wasted my prime

A glittering array of sparkles Calling to me from behind glass, Rows of different desires Organised by class. An emotionless machine Ready to engulf my hard earned coin, Swallowing gold, silver and bronze Whispering tails of a class I now beg to join. Each breath is heavy, Each moment weighed with time, I must work... Continue Reading →

Pixilated beauty​

Pucker your lips The internet slobbering at your pose, Tinting your skin with layers of dirt Becoming a rotting rose. You haze your skin Becoming an artists painting, Framed and hung, limbs tangling as they swing Your blood draining. Watch the world tick by Unable to move from your perch​, Family swarming across the land... Continue Reading →

The launch of the youth

A battlefield of ink Sweat dripping onto the page, Hundreds trapped in a frozen box Seconds ticking as they waste their age. Their young memories tested With dancing mocking words, Sinister sentences meant to trick Laughing as they​ become one with the herds. Laugh, laugh, Ignorant attempts at knowledge, Eyes watching with distaste Let us... Continue Reading →

A woman can be everything

She wants to be happy. This dull grey world feels so bleak, Breaking these barriers into a new realm She is ready to climb from peak to peak. She wants to be happy. Live a life free of pain, Each day a new adventure With monsters to be slain. She wants to be happy. Who... Continue Reading →

A puppeteer’s beat

Sway, sway, plod along, Following the crowds Your mind all but gone. Push, push, further away, Sanity leaving Thoughts astray. Hush, hush, a rhymic beat, Of the puppeteer's strings As they sit high on their seats. via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

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