The benefits​ of a duvet fort

Are you one of those people that wake up at seven am excited to take on the world? Going for a brisk jog in the morning chill ready to sit down to a bowl of freshly cut fruit with non-fat yoghurt? I'm not... so here is a list of why being nestled in a cocoon... Continue Reading →


Do pj’s class as casual?

A buzzing from my phone. You coming tonight? Crap, I cringe in the realisation that I forgot about the meetup. Before I can scramble an excuse my phone beeps again. You forgot, didn't you? I'll give you 20 mins then I'm picking you up. Double crap. I text back furiously, fingers moving so fast they... Continue Reading →

A hungry room

Their tangled chattering filling the space, Hungrily gulping the empty air Until they have devoured all. Chewing until only I am left, With no sense of space or purpose Waves of nonsense battling my defeated form. Sleep tugs at me, Suddenly the noises shift, pushed back by my mind Their yelps now a soft lullaby. Exhaustion cradles... Continue Reading →

The sound of his breath

I wake. Darkness has enveloped the world, From it, the shadows emerge Forcing me to lie back down with senses whirled. Stabbing pain. Heat from fear crawls up my legs, Sweating my body rebelling I curl up into a shivering egg. Breath. I hear its whispering echo pulling me, Turning to the comfort I nestle... Continue Reading →

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