To pluck, or not to pluck, a feminist rant

"Ew what the hell is that on your legs -" Oh, you mean the leg hair that fifty percent of the population feel they must scour off their skin, encase young girls feel empowered to accept their normal and natural bodies. "That's disgusting and unhygienic -" Actually, it's very hygienic, otherwise, men would be falling to the... Continue Reading →



"It is time!"  Bum screams, laughter echoing ominously in the street. "Nah, I think I'm good," she replies. "It is time!" Bum repeats. "Nah... I'm honestly okay, you go have fun." "Bu-but, the sun is out... so it is time!" Bum says. "Time for what exactly?" "Short shorts," Bum sneers, giggling. "Nope, hell no." "Look, that... Continue Reading →

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