A white tail protruding forth

"Oi, is that a crap on your bag!" A male voice screamed. I turned to my companion. "Is he yelling at us?" "I believe so," He replied, hiking my bag further up his back. I had gratefully accepted his offer of shopping mule earlier in the day, he now had my backpack, as well as an... Continue Reading →


Hush woman! Take your hormones out of the office

"This is your workplace!" He screamed, letting his voice carry until all the smirking eye's turned to watch her. He carried on yelling,  "stop being so brassy and take your hormones to the bathroom." A hushed laughter fell across the room, bouncing from desk to desk until the mocking tune surrounded her. "I only asked when... Continue Reading →

Endless cycle

Finally, you're home. Exhausted you peel off the sweaty black heels that your boss insists are "professional". You set your worn bag onto the floor,  its comforting thump hits you with nostalgia. Your eyes accidently glide to the bags handle, an unexpected meeting you pause, it's slumped body singing a sad tune and you sigh.... Continue Reading →

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