Brutal seagulls​ at the beach

"Be careful with that," she whispers, handing the two ice creams over. "What?" The tourist asks. "The birds are bad here," she responds.  The man laughs, mocking the girl's concern. A few minutes later a yell can be heard, the girl leans over the counter and sighs at the sight. Five seagulls circle the couple,... Continue Reading →

A dog plus a sandy beach… what could go wrong?

Dog: Let me off the lead. Sarah: I don't trust you, dog. Dog: Let me off the lead. Lucy: Don't trust him... looks at those eyes, their eyes of a misbehaver. Dog: I'll be good, let me off the lead. Rachel: Guys let him off! He will be good look at him! Rachel begins to snuggle... Continue Reading →

Abadonded in a sea of sand

A sea of sand. Dust kicking up at her skirt, Knees knocking together with each step As she tries to avoid the projected dirt. A sea of sand. Skin pinched by an overbearing sun, Chapped lips crinkled She begins to run. A sea of sand. Alone she calls out across the land, Muscles screaming She can... Continue Reading →

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