“I’m so sick of this fake love”

I'm so sick of this fake love These mass-produced sweets, Wrappers sticking to my skin Their tune smothering my heart's beat. Fake love Grinding on the screen, Lips scorched red Dying in a twisted routine. I'm so sick of this fake love Spoon fed to the masses, Delivered to youth Distilled love taught in classes.... Continue Reading →

A tango of a wanting gaze

She flicks her hair Strands floating in the air, Dancing like her pulse With the sudden tango. His eyes light up Expression turning into a pup, Ears flickering With an answered question. Gazes meet with ease Like a subtle summer breeze, Their skin tingle With the adventure. They walk away Passing each other to continue... Continue Reading →

Riding his white stallion through the haze

Booming music through worn out speakers Pulsating air pinching my skin, Sweat dampening my hands Patience wearing thin. I feel watched Leery smiles catching my gaze, Eyes zoomed onto my form Prey caught in the clubs haze. "Alright love," they ask Laughing with glee, Friends elbowing each other I must escape, I must flee. Is... Continue Reading →

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