War of the puppies

"Oh how adorable, is he yours?" She asked, her words chipped as if she was restless to spit them out. "Yes... Is that yours?" Sam replied, just as sharply. The woman smiled, "Oh yes, this is little Fluffy!" The name made Sam gag, her whole body shivering. "What a... Unique name," Sam managed to respond.... Continue Reading →


Those sad puppy eyes

"What do you want?" She asked, looking into his sad eyes. There was no reply... there never was. "What!" She bellowed, running into the living room. He followed her, his panting echoing around the vast house. "Leave me alone!" With a growl, he refused, jumping onto the sofa. "No!" He fell on top of her,... Continue Reading →

A puppy refusing to leave

"No." "Now now, come on darling." "No." "Don't give me that tone." "I'm not leaving." "Come on, let me just clip - HEY GET BACK HERE!" "Catch me!" "We're not playing this game." "We are or I'll never leave! Oh look, a lovely family out for a walk, time for me to go and jump... Continue Reading →

Chilly waves grasping at paws

"Please don't do it," I beg. "I have to!" My dog replies. "You don't have to, you just want to." "But it looks like so much fun!" He barks. "It isn't fun, it's cold and wet." I beg. "FUN!" He runs into the freezing sea water, splashing with a wide grin. "Great, thanks for that."... Continue Reading →

Puppy swag

Damn that pooch Fur a shining wave, glimmering golden ringlets A softness you can't help but crave. Damn that pooch Nose lifted high in the air, An arrogant aura Yet softness ready to ensnare. Damn that pooch An untrained yet well-kept beauty, You can't help but grasp its fur Even though it is rather snooty.... Continue Reading →

Enamored with a fuzzy monster

I want a dog! We have all heard the phrase, Even as adults a youthful excitement fills us Hoping a fuzzball will bring joy to our days. A partner in life. That tiny pup will take your world by storm, Tearing apart your home Until shredded pillows are your new norm. A monster. Once the... Continue Reading →

A puppy’s insatiable​ fur

"HUMAN!" He screams, tail wagging energetically. "Not now," you huff. "PET ME" He demands. "In a minute," you say. "NOW" He yips, jumping up and down until your world is blurred into a blend of white and orange fur. "No," you sternly reply. "YES!" He says, large eyes demanding to be adored. You watch, those... Continue Reading →

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