The sun grazes my skin, backed by a hush of waves

I hear the humming waves Crashing against rocks, Rumbling like a storm The sea soaks my socks. Sun grazes my skin Fire blazing like kin My body crumbled like dust. Sea foam is thrown into the wind It sticks to my form, Brushing patterns against me As it tells me to conform. Cold injected into... Continue Reading →


A shore of lumbering waves

A rippling display Waves cascading like swords, Frozen mid-air Until they crash towards. Singing their song Of hushed slumber, Sleepy bodies awakening They begin to lumber. Nails of foam Hands of salt, Edging ever so slowly Before they begin their crashing assault. If you like this follow my twitter to get notifications on new content! If you’d... Continue Reading →

White bunnies jumping in the sea

White bunnies jump across the sea Tails made of foaming bubbles, Tiny bodies bound on the water Smiling faces ready to cause trouble. They swarm boats with white froth A cloud of snow lining ships, Rabbits bouncing from vessel to vessel High enough to cause an eclipse. Hitting the shores with a crash Seafoam dancing... Continue Reading →

Chilly waves grasping at paws

"Please don't do it," I beg. "I have to!" My dog replies. "You don't have to, you just want to." "But it looks like so much fun!" He barks. "It isn't fun, it's cold and wet." I beg. "FUN!" He runs into the freezing sea water, splashing with a wide grin. "Great, thanks for that."... Continue Reading →

Engulfed​ by the ocean

Breath. Cold air sliding down my throat, Each intake peeling reality New flavours evolving to gloat. Breath. Salt itching at my lungs, Coarse ocean waves seeming to crash With each move of my tongue. Breath. The song of sailors escaping​ my lips, Their ancient call one of history Of the battle of ships.   Savor 

The sizzling burn of skin

My skin is blistered Angry it moans about the mid-afternoon heat, Raw and painted red Skin screaming in defeat. The air is stagnant No cool breeze for relief, The sun's rays pinching me Eyes watering in grief. I wish I could sail away Chilled sea foam slipping between my toes, Cold water easing my discomfort... Continue Reading →

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