A witch soaring

Hills became swallowed By dark advances, Her broom shivering As she bets her chances. Stars burn Crisps embers fizzling away, The last strands of sunlight Disappearing with the day. The cold wind bites Her hands itch, But still, she goes on A newly fledged witch.


A puddle of dreams quivering

Pale feet dance Just above the puddle, Water rippling into a mirror Reality begins to muddle. Skin touching the surface Fire searing her flesh, Rippling coils of moisture Trying to refresh. The puddle dances Into purple and white, Snow like rain scattering She hears feathers take flight. Her legs are stolen And she is tugged... Continue Reading →

A cocky wizard

"I know what I'm doing," she whispered to Kim. Her friend raised an eyebrow, "sure you do," she muttered. "I do!" Chloe bellowed, picking up the wand with confidence. It was heavier than expected, the crevices in the wood gripping her skin. "Chloe... Please say you're seeing this?" "What," Chloe spun around, not seeing the... Continue Reading →

A summoning of bone and fire

"Don't be a wuss!" Mary spat towards Chloe, her eyes shooting daggers at the young mage. "I'm not a wuss!" Chloe said, refusing her friend's mean statement. "Prove it then and do it!" "Fine!" She screamed, her magic a soaring flame around her. Red and orange blended into the air to create crackling sparks. They flickered in the... Continue Reading →

A magical catastrophe​ at the pub

"Did you not read the sign?" The burly man at the bar asked, his hairy fist coming to punch at the worn wood. She shivered, jumping back from his anger. "What?" Cassy asked, looking around as the rest of the bar's inhabitants stared at her. "No cloaks!" He yelled, pointing to a very plain piece... Continue Reading →

Rotting just bellow

"I'd like something to cover up my imperfections," Sammy asked the lady at the counter, eyeing up the expensive makeup with distaste. "Of course, do you know what shade you are?" The lady asked. Sammy looked at her skin, the pale white almost gleaming against the harsh shop lights. "The palest." She replied. The shop... Continue Reading →

A dance below a starless sky

A dance below a starless sky. Tiny feet plodding on the soft dirt Toes squelching in the cold, Little eyes watching the sky Mouths slightly ajar to scold. A dance below a starless sky. A black sheet covering the world They shudder in dismay, Picking up the pace they dance once more Praying for a... Continue Reading →

A mischevious quill

The wizard smiled proudly, mocking the peasants who knew not what magic was, let alone wield it. "I can easily fix your leg," he yelled. The crowd cooed at his words, eyes focused on his form as he took out his Quill. He asked the man before him, "what is your name?" "Why would you... Continue Reading →

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