A lens of burnt orange

A blend of reality Hazed by heat, Burnt orange crystallising To the mortal beat. A sky bleached by hate Red dripping to the land, A rainstorm of tears Until taste is bland. Life pumps through veins Pinching unturned soil, Flowers melting into pools Seas becoming thick with oil. Until our homes are defeated.  

Nothing but our enviroment

We, rather than me. We, rather than them. We, rather than me and them. A universe experiencing itself, Is its own hallucination, Its own self. Two different voices in your head, Do you consider them both your self? Do you think you have two different people in your head? The self is created almost entirely... Continue Reading →

A path of crunching crisps

Trees shed their fur Leaves shattering the ground, Cascading above me Until I am drowned. My feet crunch The debris so chillingly crisp, Noise echoing Until it is all but a wisp. It flickers my pulse Sharp edges cutting my skin, Mustard hues smothering my shoes Until I cannot help but grin.

A blanket woven from mother earth

A blanket of leafy green With puddles of rippling blue, The water glimmering in the orange light Feilds shimmering with due. The giant sheet undulates Smothering the world in life, Cutting, snipping and sewing She cuts with her unbending knife. Mother earth has grown tired The life she created gorging on her embrace, Nibbling away... Continue Reading →

Being a woman is terrifying

It's hard being a woman My first breath already seized, Doctors naming me adorable Chained as they teased. It's hard wearing skirts When you want to jump, kick and run, A scolding teacher telling you to sit still Whilst boys are allowed to have fun. It's hard when girls grow up Having to plaster orange... Continue Reading →

The Flickering of the City

I awake to the flickering of the city Dots emerging with light, I sway with the morning chill Rubbing the sleep from my sight. From the daunting towers Snippets of life are tucked away, Bundles of colour and joy Hidden by clouds of grey. The clang of the rail Brings dark to the world, A... Continue Reading →

Years pinched into dust

The carousel spins. Shaking you choose a mighty stallion Small hands bunching into his mane, You cling to the beast as time starts to churn Refusing to budge yet it is all in vein. The carousel spins. Years pass and tiny hands turn into mighty claws Outgrowing your beast the stallion trembles, Your claws are... Continue Reading →

History is torn​ by fog

Youth was full of fun and games The road a path my small hands made, The clock spins and time moves on Days of fun now beginning​ to fade. With each step across this crumbling bridge I fear I will slip, Falling through my mind's maze Wondering what caused the trip. Sky is fogged and... Continue Reading →

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