Chocolate puddles littering the floor

"WHAT DID YOU DO!" Sam screamed. It was terrible, the room appearing as if some fluffy clouds had gained entrance, then commenced to downpour warm chocolate on every and any surface. It was everywhere. Puddles turning to pools of swirling brown on her once, pale cream, carpet. "Mum..." the small girl replied, blinking innocent eyes her way.... Continue Reading →


If your child licks the glass one more time…

My legs ache Swollen skin puckering in dismay, Muscles screaming in agony Crowds forming, Yay. Swollen eyes The white tinted red, My veins pop in anger Frustration needing to be shed. Crowds pulsate against the stall Mouths salivating in hunger, I moan as time slows Wishing for nothing but slumber. I smile tightly Glass gleaming... Continue Reading →

Joey’s Ice Cream, Ilfracombe

A family of grumbling bellies Salty sand nibbling your feet, Summer sun beating against your back Sweat dripping in the afternoon heat. An array of colourful shops Each singing tunes eager to please, Children look up with puppy eyes As they catch a tantalising smell in the breeze. A crowd of hands on cold glass... Continue Reading →

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