Run from the swarms

Trapped. Their cold glances pinning me, Beckoning yells echo As I fail to flee. Swarmed. A mass of unprecedented heat, Collecting around me for I am a fresh kill And they hunger for meat. Noise. Bickering laughter and pointed jabs, Drinks being swallowed As I try to keep tabs. Duck. Under their swerving arms, I... Continue Reading →


An introverts advice

Translating thoughts into words can be hard. For most, talking is an easy and enjoyable experience. But for¬†someone whose thoughts flutter to the clouds. It can be... challenging. Without meaning to you've leant against the table, eyes unfocused and mind drifting far away. Only to be jolted back by an unsubtle¬†cough and the rest of... Continue Reading →

Difference is beautiful

The streets are fogged with thoughts unspoken. Thousands walk the same steps every day, Heeding touch as their tool Without any need to say. The streets are cold. Some find fear in crowds, Their heads pushed down to the ground Not wanting to be loud. The streets are dimmed. Colours are not everywhere for some,... Continue Reading →

Can you not hear me?

I wish I could be heard. Over the thundering voices, Each passing comment a blur Time limiting my choices. I wish i could be heard. No matter what I say, The chattering crowd hone in As i am their prey. I wish i could be heard. If only i could shout louder, But they trample... Continue Reading →

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