I hate customers 

Woman: A small gingerbread ice cream. Server: Okay. Hands her gingerbread ice cream, woman does not take it. Woman: I said chocolate. Server: You said gingerbread.  Woman: No, a small chocolate. Server: Fine.  Server bins ice cream and makes a chocolate one. Woman's son: I said gingerbread? Woman: And one gingerbread ice cream.  Server internally... Continue Reading →

Spit on the face of the ice cream girl

The server hands the woman her whippy (soft ice cream). Server: That is one pound fifty, please. Customer: Ok, well I'm going to come back and pay okay? Server: I'm sorry, what? Customer: I'll pay later. Server: I still don't understand? Customer: Why don't you understand, I'm speaking clear English... you understand English yes? Server... Continue Reading →

Brutal seagulls​ at the beach

"Be careful with that," she whispers, handing the two ice creams over. "What?" The tourist asks. "The birds are bad here," she responds.  The man laughs, mocking the girl's concern. A few minutes later a yell can be heard, the girl leans over the counter and sighs at the sight. Five seagulls circle the couple,... Continue Reading →

An ice cream the size of her head

"A whipped ice cream please," the customer asks. I begin to turn before a tiny giggle catches my attention, looking down,  I meet eyes with a small child. Her blonde hair is in two pink bobbles, pudgy cheeks covered with chocolate and large eyes already tainted with a sugar rush. "A child's cone?" I ask,... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream

A family of grumbling bellies Salty sand nibbling your feet, Summer sun beating against your back Sweat dripping in the afternoon heat. An array of colourful shops Each singing tunes eager to please, Children look up with puppy eyes As they catch a tantalising smell in the breeze. A crowd of hands on cold glass... Continue Reading →

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