The green of my garden, broken by the haze of the screen

I look up. My feet lay on the warm stones, Ants dancing on my skin as they hunt for food. Puppy begging for attention, Staring at my nibbles as he calls me rude. No puppy... none for you. The path splits in front of me, One side green the other brown. Bushes trembling in the... Continue Reading →

Warm paws on the scolding pavement

Dog: Mum. Me: No. Dog: Mum. Me: No. Dog: But muuuum. Me: You are a grown up pup now, you do not need to be carried. Dog: But I'm tired. Me: So am I. Dog: And I'm thirsty. Me: Me too. Dog: My paws hurt, the floor is hot, muuuum. Me: FINE BUT THIS IS THE... Continue Reading →

The sizzling burn of skin

My skin is blistered Angry it moans about the mid-afternoon heat, Raw and painted red Skin screaming in defeat. The air is stagnant No cool breeze for relief, The sun's rays pinching me Eyes watering in grief. I wish I could sail away Chilled sea foam slipping between my toes, Cold water easing my discomfort... Continue Reading →


"It is time!"  Bum screams, laughter echoing ominously in the street. "Nah, I think I'm good," she replies. "It is time!" Bum repeats. "Nah... I'm honestly okay, you go have fun." "Bu-but, the sun is out... so it is time!" Bum says. "Time for what exactly?" "Short shorts," Bum sneers, giggling. "Nope, hell no." "Look, that... Continue Reading →

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