A dangerously persuasive thief

"Where is it." "Where is what, Samantha?" Sam turned to him, her eyes ablaze. "You tell me right this instant." He rolled his eyes, "that is no way to barter." "I will not barter with a thief!" She screamed, her voice breaking. "Now now Sammy," he moved leisurely closer, "you'll never get what you want... Continue Reading →


Slitted eyes staring you down

You know you shouldn't Your body shakes, With a gambler's lust You accept the stakes. You know it's a risk A one hand deal, Win or lose everything You walk over and kneel. You know he watches As you put your hand on his fur, His eyes slit further Until you hear a familiar purr.... Continue Reading →

The arrogance of a feline

"What is that... Thing?" Henry shuddered, disgusted. "That?" Suki asked, looking down to see what Henry was referring to. "Oh, you mean him?" "What else would I be referring to?" He spat back. She hissed, then whispered, "I believe that is our new companion." "It's... Shaggy?" He took a moment, surveying the intruder. "And not to... Continue Reading →

A cunning brother

Anna shivered. She heard a hushed whisper, a broken laugh then the clatter of cutlery. No! It couldn't be. "Jake I swear if you've touched them!" She ran, pelting it down the stairs so quickly she should have fallen. "You snooze you lose!" He roared in a battle cry, escaping her clutches and flying through the... Continue Reading →

I cry out for a mother

I lurch Ceaseless in my demands, Wanting something more Yet it always slips from my hands. I lurch Muscles straining, Relentless abandonment In the life I don't​ seem to be reining. I lurch Hoping there is something​ other, Days roll past my hands unable to grip I cry out for a mother.   Lurch

Do pj’s class as casual?

A buzzing from my phone. You coming tonight? Crap, I cringe in the realisation that I forgot about the meetup. Before I can scramble an excuse my phone beeps again. You forgot, didn't you? I'll give you 20 mins then I'm picking you up. Double crap. I text back furiously, fingers moving so fast they... Continue Reading →

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