This plane is going down

Husband: You're fine. Wife: I'm definitely not fine, did you feel that? Husband: What now? Wife: That was an engine failure, its starting to shake, how can you not feel that! Husband: That's you shaking the seat! Wife: I don't know what you're talking about... Husband: Just go to sleep. Passenger


Joey’s Ice Cream, Ilfracombe

A family of grumbling bellies Salty sand nibbling your feet, Summer sun beating against your back Sweat dripping in the afternoon heat. An array of colourful shops Each singing tunes eager to please, Children look up with puppy eyes As they catch a tantalising smell in the breeze. A crowd of hands on cold glass... Continue Reading →

A carnivorous wave

A carnivorous wave. She floats upon the water, Eyes closed and mind adrift Unaware she is slipping to slaughter. A carnivorous wave. The inflatable ring squeaks with each stir, Sunlight pinching at its form A wave peeks at her. A carnivorous wave. Snarling it opens its jaw, Wave engulfing​ the woman As it lets out... Continue Reading →

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