A lens of burnt orange

A blend of reality Hazed by heat, Burnt orange crystallising To the mortal beat. A sky bleached by hate Red dripping to the land, A rainstorm of tears Until taste is bland. Life pumps through veins Pinching unturned soil, Flowers melting into pools Seas becoming thick with oil. Until our homes are defeated.  

Skin puckered by a single, lingering breeze

The chattering of the crowds Longing for a heat, Skin puckering with a single, lingering cold breeze Yet soaking the warmth like a treat. A smell of spring Blended with freshly cut grass, Walkers swaying happily Becoming mobs, a giant chattering mass. Blooms in the not too bitter wind The mingling of fresh desires, The... Continue Reading →

Her lips

He is staring at me, Samy thought, as she watched her blind date gawk at her. "So, your name is Tom?" She asked, hoping that his creepiness was just some pre-date jitters. "Ye-yeah," he stuttered, eyes still transfixed on her lips. "What do you do?" She asked. He ignored her question, still staring bashfully at... Continue Reading →

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