A mane that emits desperation

"Please!" She begged. "No," I replied. "Just this once!" "Never." "I have no other choice, you're the only one who can do it!" I sighed, my body deflating with the realisation that yes, I was her only option. "Fine," I grab the brush from her hand, "but this is the last time." She squeals, sitting... Continue Reading →


A rebellious​ student

Sally could feel it, the silence in that air crackling with energy. Sally could taste it, the conflict in the room creating a sizzling burn that layered her lips, she licked the chapped corners. "Sally, you know the rule," Miss Winston bellowed, her voice scratching at Sally's raw ears that had already endured countless hours... Continue Reading →

To pluck, or not to pluck, a feminist rant

"Ew what the hell is that on your legs -" Oh, you mean the leg hair that fifty percent of the population feel they must scour off their skin, encase young girls feel empowered to accept their normal and natural bodies. "That's disgusting and unhygienic -" Actually, it's very hygienic, otherwise, men would be falling to the... Continue Reading →

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