Ripilling water intensifying my insanity

I hear the bubbling creek Through my window does it sing, Of energies passing each day Of the life that it brings. I hear the bubbling creek It's soothing tranquil call, My minds becomes weak and hazy As the creek takes me into its thrall. I hear the bubbling creek Each and every day, My... Continue Reading →


The green of my garden, broken by the haze of the screen

I look up. My feet lay on the warm stones, Ants dancing on my skin as they hunt for food. Puppy begging for attention, Staring at my nibbles as he calls me rude. No puppy... none for you. The path splits in front of me, One side green the other brown. Bushes trembling in the... Continue Reading →

Dirt between her toes

Nose to the sky she breathes in deep Letting out a soft sigh, Chin tilted up she watches the clouds pass Dreaming of wings used to fly. Bare feet engulfed by the moist earth Dirt tickling her toes, Falling to the floor she lets out a giggle An earthy blend now staining her clothes. Her... Continue Reading →

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