The sizzle of hunger

You are my staple The one that is always there, Through thick and thin I refuse to share. Kitchen stocked with shadows Empty cuboards loom, Darkness outside refusing to leave My stomach makes a boom. A growl of annoyance The cool shell calming my mind, Crack, sizzle, enjulfing the prize I sigh, eggs are always... Continue Reading →


A chocolate cake thief

"How could you..." she uttered, hatred slipping from the words and heating the air between the two. Sam shivered, her warm breath weakening his defences. "It was an accident!" He cried, eyes as large as saucers as he begged for forgiveness. "I told you, so many god damn times... that I was saving the rest of... Continue Reading →

The attack of the seagulls

Here come the tourists Crowding our streets, Giant, slow walking mobs Looking for empty seats. Here come the tourists Hands grasping at their food, Flicking bits out to the gulls Who don't know gratitude. Here come the tourists The gulls swooping down, Seagulls attacking with ease Children's​ faces begin to frown. Here come the tourists... Continue Reading →

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