A cat and his pet human

"Excuse me?" The cat ignored her, pawing her legs with his sharp claws. "I said excuse me!" "Excuse nothing human, these legs are wasted at anything other than being my personal scratching post." He replied. A few minutes later he sat on her chest, eyes staring straight into her soul. "Do you mind?" "Mind what?... Continue Reading →

Puppy swag

Damn that pooch Fur a shining wave, glimmering golden ringlets A softness you can't help but crave. Damn that pooch Nose lifted high in the air, An arrogant aura Yet softness ready to ensnare. Damn that pooch An untrained yet well-kept beauty, You can't help but grasp its fur Even though it is rather snooty.... Continue Reading →

A puppy’s insatiable​ fur

"HUMAN!" He screams, tail wagging energetically. "Not now," you huff. "PET ME" He demands. "In a minute," you say. "NOW" He yips, jumping up and down until your world is blurred into a blend of white and orange fur. "No," you sternly reply. "YES!" He says, large eyes demanding to be adored. You watch, those... Continue Reading →

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