A writer’s dream

I bestow my dream With constant fear, Like a hovering blade Soon to spear. I bestow my dream With shivering fingers, Sticky with sweat A desperate taste lingers. I bestow my dream Yet nothing is gained, A world I cannot reach Only to be pained. If you like this follow my twitter to get notifications on... Continue Reading →


History is torn​ by fog

Youth was full of fun and games The road a path my small hands made, The clock spins and time moves on Days of fun now beginning​ to fade. With each step across this crumbling bridge I fear I will slip, Falling through my mind's maze Wondering what caused the trip. Sky is fogged and... Continue Reading →

This plane is going down

Husband: You're fine. Wife: I'm definitely not fine, did you feel that? Husband: What now? Wife: That was an engine failure, its starting to shake, how can you not feel that! Husband: That's you shaking the seat! Wife: I don't know what you're talking about... Husband: Just go to sleep. Passenger

Fear piercing my veins

​Fear piercing my veins. My lips quiver with anticipation, Hesitantly I move forward With the constant fear of damnation. Fear piercing my veins. Sweat stemming from my bodies heat, I confidently glide past Hoping they won't see me as young meat. Fear​ piercing my veins. My inner voice cries, Knees knocking together I push my... Continue Reading →

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