Being an identical twin

Regular questions that boil my blood. You look the same! Are you twins? I'm seeing double. Can you feel it when the other gets hurt? Why don't you wear the same clothes? Do you share a boyfriend? Has your boyfriend ever confused the two of you? Can you just swap lives? Is looking at each other... Continue Reading →

The war of the family

"Who did it?" The father's voice calmly asked, his eyes burning with anger.  No one replied. "Who did it!" Screamed the mother, her voice raw with pain and anguish. "It obviously wasn't me, I don't even like those !" The oldest claimed, pointing to the empty box of cheese sticks with a sneer. All three turned... Continue Reading →

Chocolate puddles littering the floor

"WHAT DID YOU DO!" Sam screamed. It was terrible, the room appearing as if some fluffy clouds had gained entrance, then commenced to downpour warm chocolate on every and any surface. It was everywhere. Puddles turning to pools of swirling brown on her once, pale cream, carpet. "Mum..." the small girl replied, blinking innocent eyes her way.... Continue Reading →

Kicking of the unborn

She can't walk Her swollen feet sweating beneath socks, She can't walk Turning she looks at the wall lined with clocks. Three months left. She can't eat Turning down each fork stabbed with bounties, She can't eat No matter what hunters bring from each, and every county. One month left. She can't sleep Her belly... Continue Reading →

A tea party for ghosts

"I don't believe in ghosts," Sally said, her tiny pigtails swinging as she spoke. "No?" Harry asked, sipping his teacup full of air. "No, they make no sense," Sally stated, filling up her own cup with imaginary tea from her bright pink, teapot. "They don't indeed, and they seem a little spooky." "Doubt they are... Continue Reading →

The lord of the bed

"Human, I have chosen to sleep here," Henry exclaims, his paws pinching at the duvet. "That's all well and good but it's 3 am ... go to sleep," I whisper. He refuses, a soft mew escaping his lips and he spins endlessly until flopping into position. I sigh, thinking of the blissful dreams I was about... Continue Reading →

I cry out for a mother

I lurch Ceaseless in my demands, Wanting something more Yet it always slips from my hands. I lurch Muscles straining, Relentless abandonment In the life I don't​ seem to be reining. I lurch Hoping there is something​ other, Days roll past my hands unable to grip I cry out for a mother.   Lurch

Dirt between her toes

Nose to the sky she breathes in deep Letting out a soft sigh, Chin tilted up she watches the clouds pass Dreaming of wings used to fly. Bare feet engulfed by the moist earth Dirt tickling her toes, Falling to the floor she lets out a giggle An earthy blend now staining her clothes. Her... Continue Reading →

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