Wedding gown hunting

She sauntered through the shop, sharp heels eating away at the carpet as her long legs engulfed the room. From one wall to the other was an array of white, fluffy gowns. She groaned, each hanger sporting another floor length disaster of puff. "What about this one Sophie?" Her mother cooed. Turning, she saw that... Continue Reading →


A wedding dress disappearance​

Chloe: Hurry up! Sal: It's the ruffles, they are heavier than they look. Chloe: I don't care just move it. Sal: I'm trying! Chloe: Here, this spot is fine you take this and I'll dig. Chloe hands over the giant white wedding dress to Sal, who shrieks with the weight.  Sal: What if she finds... Continue Reading →

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