A man clouded by soffocation

He feels suffocated A heavy feeling on his chest, Generations watching Pushing him to do his best? He feels weighed Seconds spilling like sand, Hours leaking from the bottle Until he can't withstand. He feels mocked This world laughing at what he lacks, Eyes never leaving Staring at his every act.


A flute calling from the tip of a tree

He sang his tune And the melody danced, She looked to the heavens Heart entranced. He sang his tune Her skin shivered, Soul splintered Her heart quivered. He sang his tune Her feet began to move, Body beginning to dance As she fell in love with the groove. He ended his tune Flute slowly dimming,... Continue Reading →

Bloodied hands reaching for more

The other field is greener Holding lush, evergrowing leaves. Yet here I am fenced Forced to hush, unless we become thieves. My hands are bruised and torn Nails chipped, yet still, ​they yearn. Fence too high for me to jump Wings clipped, when will I learn? A haze of gold and red I'm blind, the... Continue Reading →

I am lost in a dark that shudders

I sit alone in the dark. Perhaps once there were others, Faintly I remember their heat The warmth of my long-lost brothers. I sit alone in the dark. My body has frozen into the walls, Limbs unmoving my eyelashes barely twitch I listen intently for their calls. I sit alone in the dark. I know... Continue Reading →

Can you not hear me?

I wish I could be heard. Over the thundering voices, Each passing comment a blur Time limiting my choices. I wish i could be heard. No matter what I say, The chattering crowd hone in As i am their prey. I wish i could be heard. If only i could shout louder, But they trample... Continue Reading →

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