The winter air bites only the weak (a mage in training, part 6)

Swallowed, engulfed by water that dragged her down as if she weighed nothing. Her lungs stung, pinching they demanded air, their cries vibrating throughout her form. Ash was frozen, her body slowly sinking, but her mind whirled. Perhaps others feared the sea. It's powerful currents and waves could kill a human in seconds so Ash... Continue Reading →


The ladder from the Underworld

Her hands screamed with pain, each chubby finger had swelled into double it's original size, with no sign of slowing down. She had once been wearing a fluffy white dress, now, it was a torn bloodied gown. Tangling around her feet, she kicked at its useless form. "Neri, what on earth are you doing up... Continue Reading →

A king refuses to die

His reign was absolute. Laughing, the king watched his subjects, he held trust in their abilities. His kingdom would last forever. "Nice view from here huh?" Spinning, the King fell, his body landing on the floor with a thump. "Who was that, how did you get up here!" He yelled. "There is no need to... Continue Reading →

Death was tired of work

Time was a funny thing, Death concluded. Easing his way through the crowded street, the cobbled roads echoing his every step, he thought of the humans he passed. Perhaps he envied them? In bubbles of ignorant bliss, they followed only their basic instincts, oblivious to the world around them.  He could if he wanted to, join... Continue Reading →

Just die… please?

"You can't be serious!" Screamed an obviously emotional warlock. His bruised body perched on the table, resembling a child's tantrum; as plates crashed to the floor. He brandished a wooden spoon as if it were a sword, swinging it carelessly - "Put the spoon down" grunted a rather distressed Death. "Never, I refuse! Do you... Continue Reading →

Please die, my dearest loving husband

"I don't want to go" the man yelled, his tantrum bordering on insanity. "Now now, don't be like that" his wife cooed. "It's alright for you to say that... you're not the one going!" Again, his shrieks sounded more animal than human. Especially when his dark blood had poured from his multiple chest wounds to... Continue Reading →

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