The dead are rising

“Mum, why are they so loud?” Kal asked his mother, eyes tearing with giant marble tears. She sighed, “who?” “The crowds!” Kal screamed, hands over his ears. “It is the middle of the night Kal, there is no noise outside!” She opened the curtains, surveying their front garden. Nothing, not one person walking their street….

The rising of the dead

Oh dear, he thought, his mind racing. Detangling his arm once again, he managed to squeeze it up to gingerly knock on the wood. No reply, he tried again with the same response. “Did you hear that?” Sally asked. “What?” Chris replied. Sally was sure she heard a faint knocking noise, moving closer to the…

A necromancer’s​ power

Laughing manically, he stood. The dead rose with him, twisted arms and legs full of rotting flesh. Yes, he thought, his army would devour this town, consume this country, devastate this – “E-excuse me?” A voice spoke. He turned to his loyal subjects, his minions, his – “I don’t feel so good.” The voice spoke again….

Foundation doesn’t work on the dead… perhaps blusher?

The golden mirror enchanted Ely, she could feel its smooth surface turn to a rough, spiralled edge. Moving her hands across it, she held her eyes tightly shut and prayed that her magic still worked in this foreign land. Her father had once teased that her skin was paler than his, her silver eyes stronger and…