The arrogance of a feline

"What is that... Thing?" Henry shuddered, disgusted. "That?" Suki asked, looking down to see what Henry was referring to. "Oh, you mean him?" "What else would I be referring to?" He spat back. She hissed, then whispered, "I believe that is our new companion." "It's... Shaggy?" He took a moment, surveying the intruder. "And not to... Continue Reading →


A particularly grumpy cow​

"Don't do it," Sam whispered, eyes scanning the field for the cow in question. "It will be fine, I'm not walking all the way around that's ridiculous," Chloe replied. Easing the wooden gate open she stepped into the field, confident smile marking her lips as she turned to her friend. "Don't just stand there!" He screamed,... Continue Reading →

Just die… please?

"You can't be serious!" Screamed an obviously emotional warlock. His bruised body perched on the table, resembling a child's tantrum; as plates crashed to the floor. He brandished a wooden spoon as if it were a sword, swinging it carelessly - "Put the spoon down" grunted a rather distressed Death. "Never, I refuse! Do you... Continue Reading →

Please die, my dearest loving husband

"I don't want to go" the man yelled, his tantrum bordering on insanity. "Now now, don't be like that" his wife cooed. "It's alright for you to say that... you're not the one going!" Again, his shrieks sounded more animal than human. Especially when his dark blood had poured from his multiple chest wounds to... Continue Reading →

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