A shy winter has begun to spread

The sun rises yet brings little warmth A biting chill stuck on the air, Sticky darkness refusing to leave Leaving a lasting, solemn despair. Dust and worries caught on the breeze Which your eyes lashes flutter to dispel, Water tearing down frost-bitten cheeks Breath, the taste of winter is what you smell. Shades of copper... Continue Reading →


Dustings of gold trickling from the sky

My feet tingle in crystalising air A single lamppost lights the side, Dustings of golden light melting the world Yet I'm frozen... perhaps I have died? A blanket that sticks to reality Dark lumps falling down from the sky, Holding the heavens up must be tiring work If the weight didn't push you down would... Continue Reading →

A real understanding of student life

"It is so cold," Sam says, shivering under the three duvets layered on top of them. "I know," Chloe replies. "That is it!" Rose screams, emerging from the duvet fortress and into the sub zero temperatures of the lounge. "I'm turning the heating on!" "No!" The other two scream in unison. "Just this once!" Rose... Continue Reading →

I am lost in a dark that shudders

I sit alone in the dark. Perhaps once there were others, Faintly I remember their heat The warmth of my long-lost brothers. I sit alone in the dark. My body has frozen into the walls, Limbs unmoving my eyelashes barely twitch I listen intently for their calls. I sit alone in the dark. I know... Continue Reading →

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