Tiny mouths salivating

They smell the boiling syrup Hearts racing loud, Salivating mouths leak As they wonder if they're allowed. The sound of feet Cascading like waves, Rumbling through the house As if they've answered a call on the airwaves. Giant broken eyes stare at me Watching the chocolate rise, I let out a dramatic sigh Wondering why... Continue Reading →


The dead are rising

"Mum, why are they so loud?" Kal asked his mother, eyes tearing with giant marble tears. She sighed, "who?" "The crowds!" Kal screamed, hands over his ears. "It is the middle of the night Kal, there is no noise outside!" She opened the curtains, surveying their front garden. Nothing, not one person walking their street.... Continue Reading →

A tea party for ghosts

"I don't believe in ghosts," Sally said, her tiny pigtails swinging as she spoke. "No?" Harry asked, sipping his teacup full of air. "No, they make no sense," Sally stated, filling up her own cup with imaginary tea from her bright pink, teapot. "They don't indeed, and they seem a little spooky." "Doubt they are... Continue Reading →

The attack of the seagulls

Here come the tourists Crowding our streets, Giant, slow walking mobs Looking for empty seats. Here come the tourists Hands grasping at their food, Flicking bits out to the gulls Who don't know gratitude. Here come the tourists The gulls swooping down, Seagulls attacking with ease Children's​ faces begin to frown. Here come the tourists... Continue Reading →

If your child licks the glass one more time…

My legs ache Swollen skin puckering in dismay, Muscles screaming in agony Crowds forming, Yay. Swollen eyes The white tinted red, My veins pop in anger Frustration needing to be shed. Crowds pulsate against the stall Mouths salivating in hunger, I moan as time slows Wishing for nothing but slumber. I smile tightly Glass gleaming... Continue Reading →

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