The disturbing present from a child

"What is this?" "A present!" She screamed, pushing the bundle into his hands. "A... Present?" He looked down at her tiny form, her large eyes appearing as shattered crystals. "Yes!" The child sounded much too eager. "Are presents usually this gooey?" He asked, "and cold?" She nodded enthusiastically, "only the best ones are." With a... Continue Reading →


A tea party for ghosts

"I don't believe in ghosts," Sally said, her tiny pigtails swinging as she spoke. "No?" Harry asked, sipping his teacup full of air. "No, they make no sense," Sally stated, filling up her own cup with imaginary tea from her bright pink, teapot. "They don't indeed, and they seem a little spooky." "Doubt they are... Continue Reading →

A class performance

"Next up is class 12B!" Parents stand up to cheer, the class hurrying onto the stage.  After a moments pause, the teacher counts them in, the soft hum of the piano slowly drifting them into the beat. All the children sing, little bodies swaying as they bellow out the words they had practised for weeks... Continue Reading →

The wafting smell of baked goods

"Just leave it on the side Cas," her husband said. "Okay, do you think it's high enough out of reach?" Cas replied, placing the warm cookies on the counter. "There is no way she can reach that high," Jack replied as the two moved into the lounge to finish their movie. Sammy smelt something delicious,... Continue Reading →

Dirt between her toes

Nose to the sky she breathes in deep Letting out a soft sigh, Chin tilted up she watches the clouds pass Dreaming of wings used to fly. Bare feet engulfed by the moist earth Dirt tickling her toes, Falling to the floor she lets out a giggle An earthy blend now staining her clothes. Her... Continue Reading →

An ice cream the size of her head

"A whipped ice cream please," the customer asks. I begin to turn before a tiny giggle catches my attention, looking down,  I meet eyes with a small child. Her blonde hair is in two pink bobbles, pudgy cheeks covered with chocolate and large eyes already tainted with a sugar rush. "A child's cone?" I ask,... Continue Reading →

If your child licks the glass one more time…

My legs ache Swollen skin puckering in dismay, Muscles screaming in agony Crowds forming, Yay. Swollen eyes The white tinted red, My veins pop in anger Frustration needing to be shed. Crowds pulsate against the stall Mouths salivating in hunger, I moan as time slows Wishing for nothing but slumber. I smile tightly Glass gleaming... Continue Reading →

A childish giggle escaping my lips

Dash, dash A childish giggle escaping my lips, Smile spreading eagerly The world released​ from my grip. Dash, dash I hear an echo on the breeze, Sweat dripping with the pace of my feet Body aching I begin to wheeze. Dash, dash Pitter patter of my tiny feet on the stone, I jump, body flying,... Continue Reading →

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