A cunning brother

Anna shivered. She heard a hushed whisper, a broken laugh then the clatter of cutlery. No! It couldn't be. "Jake I swear if you've touched them!" She ran, pelting it down the stairs so quickly she should have fallen. "You snooze you lose!" He roared in a battle cry, escaping her clutches and flying through the... Continue Reading →


A birthday cake disaster

"What is this?" She asked. He looked at the plate in his hands, "your birthday cake?" Her eyes became wide, mouth falling open. "It looks like you sat on it?" "How dare you! I spend hours making it!" He screamed. The 'cake' was a burnt brown, with crusty black edges and looked almost boot like... Continue Reading →

A chocolate cake thief

"How could you..." she uttered, hatred slipping from the words and heating the air between the two. Sam shivered, her warm breath weakening his defences. "It was an accident!" He cried, eyes as large as saucers as he begged for forgiveness. "I told you, so many god damn times... that I was saving the rest of... Continue Reading →

The coo of the chocolate cake

"Just one slice," it sings, whispering of deliciousness. "No," you say, standing firm to your earlier decision. "Go on," it taunts. "Just one, single slice." "No," you reply, eyes slowly drifting over to the chocolate goodness. "Go on," it whispers. "Just one slice?" You ask, the melting chocolate of the cake oozing onto the plate.... Continue Reading →

Just one more bite

Slice, bigger and bigger and - That's too much! Pushing the knife a millimetre back you cut. There, the perfect slice. Greedily your fingers quiver towards the still warm treat. Its spongy texture a perfect end to this dreary day. Inhaling, you are greeted by a warm mist of sugar (with hints of syrup and... Continue Reading →

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