A British​ loyalty

"Come on Sarah, we're at a party..." "So?" I ask my friend. "Everyone is drinking..." "As am I." "You know what I mean,"  she sighed in exasperation. "No, I'm consuming liquid so surely I am also 'drinking'." "It's a party for goodness sake! Have some wine or a vodka and lemonade not... that," she finished with... Continue Reading →


The monster who puts the milk in first

You! Yes... I'm talking to you. You know who you are, sitting there with your half brewed cup of steaming milk, the greyish white colour blending into some sickly twisted horror movie. "I'll make this round," you said. "Two sugars?" You asked. If only I had known, realised the horror that was to commence then... Continue Reading →

An ice cream the size of her head

"A whipped ice cream please," the customer asks. I begin to turn before a tiny giggle catches my attention, looking down,  I meet eyes with a small child. Her blonde hair is in two pink bobbles, pudgy cheeks covered with chocolate and large eyes already tainted with a sugar rush. "A child's cone?" I ask,... Continue Reading →

The forbidden love of socks and sandals

"What is that," Lucy squeaked in disgust. "What?" Her father replied, spinning around to pinpoint his error. "Your feet!" She squealed. Looking down he surveyed his feet, finding nothing wrong he looked back to find Lucy shaking her head with disappointment. "What's wrong with them?" He asked, honestly. "You can't wear sandals and socks!" She screamed,... Continue Reading →

The sizzling burn of skin

My skin is blistered Angry it moans about the mid-afternoon heat, Raw and painted red Skin screaming in defeat. The air is stagnant No cool breeze for relief, The sun's rays pinching me Eyes watering in grief. I wish I could sail away Chilled sea foam slipping between my toes, Cold water easing my discomfort... Continue Reading →

British manners

Sally's anger was close to being unmoored. It sizzled her blood, dark blush tainting her skin. How could she do this to her? What type of disrespectful, inhumane, human being would do this - "So, how's work going?" Joy asked. "Not bad," she managed to squeak through her lips. She couldn't even look Joy in... Continue Reading →

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