Kicking of the unborn

She can't walk Her swollen feet sweating beneath socks, She can't walk Turning she looks at the wall lined with clocks. Three months left. She can't eat Turning down each fork stabbed with bounties, She can't eat No matter what hunters bring from each, and every county. One month left. She can't sleep Her belly... Continue Reading →


All hail the baby artist!

"Oh isn't that amazing," Sal whispered. "Do you see the brush strokes? So fine and delicate except for here, right here, you can see that the artist has poured her anger into this one, giant stroke." Jasper replied, using his hands to gesture at the painting. "Absolutely marvellous, this artist is a paragon!" Sal screamed,... Continue Reading →

Insulting a new born baby

"It looks like a potato," the man said. Sally clenched her jaw tightly shut, grinding her teeth with each syllable that came out from the man's idiotic mouth. "A potato?" She asked sweetly. "Well, not a fresh dug up potato. More like... a jacket potato! It has bumps and all that shit," he finished, a... Continue Reading →

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