Masks smudging away my individuality

Each day another skin A sleeve to acquire, Blinking the blue out of my eyes My irises fill with a caramel fire. Each day another shade Clothes of silk and cotton, They itch at my skin and pull at my waist But I must, for else I will be forgotten. Masks curving around my cheeks... Continue Reading →


An overlapping darkness

It is just night, she whispers Darkness an overlapping tide, Shapes scuttering around Making her want to hide. Dots of orange Shadows made from the flickering light, Every noise making her quiver She takes flight. The moon begins to rise His form bringing a new sense of life, A silver brilliance that shocks the world... Continue Reading →

Alone he watches

His hand rests against the cool glass of the window. The sun streaks in through shards of light, They ease through his curtains Aiming for a body to smite. His hand rests against the cool glass of the window. He can slightly hear laughter from outside, Inching closer he closes his eyes Until the noise... Continue Reading →

I am lost in a dark that shudders

I sit alone in the dark. Perhaps once there were others, Faintly I remember their heat The warmth of my long-lost brothers. I sit alone in the dark. My body has frozen into the walls, Limbs unmoving my eyelashes barely twitch I listen intently for their calls. I sit alone in the dark. I know... Continue Reading →

Abadonded in a sea of sand

A sea of sand. Dust kicking up at her skirt, Knees knocking together with each step As she tries to avoid the projected dirt. A sea of sand. Skin pinched by an overbearing sun, Chapped lips crinkled She begins to run. A sea of sand. Alone she calls out across the land, Muscles screaming She can... Continue Reading →

An introverts advice

Translating thoughts into words can be hard. For most, talking is an easy and enjoyable experience. But for someone whose thoughts flutter to the clouds. It can be... challenging. Without meaning to you've leant against the table, eyes unfocused and mind drifting far away. Only to be jolted back by an unsubtle cough and the rest of... Continue Reading →

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