“I’m so sick of this fake love”

I'm so sick of this fake love These mass-produced sweets, Wrappers sticking to my skin Their tune smothering my heart's beat. Fake love Grinding on the screen, Lips scorched red Dying in a twisted routine. I'm so sick of this fake love Spoon fed to the masses, Delivered to youth Distilled love taught in classes.... Continue Reading →


A price tag on my head

A scratch on the surface Nothing beneath, Price plummeting lower Unravelling the wreath. A dent on my side Breaking the flow, Audiences inhale The price takes a blow. A cut digging deep Slashing my form, Moved away from sight And into the climaxing storm. A broken shell Forgotten and lost, Hands breaking me further Until... Continue Reading →

A horror of stretched skin

Masses crowding into the room Bickering of days long past, White gloves stretching As a man looks at their faces aghast. The smell of alcohol mixed with cosmetics A punch of blood tainting the air, The crowd continue to mutter Their bodies falling in despair. Jittering glances become caught Mirrors snaring their prey, A room... Continue Reading →

Deeply embedded wrinkles

You walk carelessly Each step a bouncing and heartfelt skip, That is until a pebble is unearthed Causing your form to trip. Adrenaline and youth surging You decide to push on, However, muscles start to strain But you are determined to see the red of the dawn. A storm of ice and fire hits Itching... Continue Reading →

Youth is just an echo of age

Am I temporary? Youth litters my skin, Taunt body climbing through age Yet I'm too scared to begin. Am I temporary? Epic fantasy clogging my mind, Realism is a dedicated decision That I long ago left behind. Am I temporary? Soon age will wither my body, Mind slowly failing Until I am like everybody. Temporary

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