A splinter of light

Caught between the breezes Swirling, It all but teases. Dancing between the buds Glinting Before it floods. A dark sky Torn, By a heated cry. Sunshine falling like waves Cascading, Kindly it saves.   If you like this follow my twitter to get notifications on new content! If you’d like more please head over to my website! Follow... Continue Reading →


“I’m so sick of this fake love”

I'm so sick of this fake love These mass-produced sweets, Wrappers sticking to my skin Their tune smothering my heart's beat. Fake love Grinding on the screen, Lips scorched red Dying in a twisted routine. I'm so sick of this fake love Spoon fed to the masses, Delivered to youth Distilled love taught in classes.... Continue Reading →

A price tag on my head

A scratch on the surface Nothing beneath, Price plummeting lower Unravelling the wreath. A dent on my side Breaking the flow, Audiences inhale The price takes a blow. A cut digging deep Slashing my form, Moved away from sight And into the climaxing storm. A broken shell Forgotten and lost, Hands breaking me further Until... Continue Reading →

Unquenchable laughter

"Stop it," she grumbled from across the counter, glaring at Sal. Sal winked. "Stop what?" Her friend asked, feigning innocence. "You know what." "I'm doing nothing!" Sal protested. Elly growled as her coworker began edging closer, bobbing her head slowly. "No..." Her voice trailed off as Sal began swaying her hips, a smile slipping onto her... Continue Reading →

A shore of lumbering waves

A rippling display Waves cascading like swords, Frozen mid-air Until they crash towards. Singing their song Of hushed slumber, Sleepy bodies awakening They begin to lumber. Nails of foam Hands of salt, Edging ever so slowly Before they begin their crashing assault. If you like this follow my twitter to get notifications on new content! If you’d... Continue Reading →

A tango of a wanting gaze

She flicks her hair Strands floating in the air, Dancing like her pulse With the sudden tango. His eyes light up Expression turning into a pup, Ears flickering With an answered question. Gazes meet with ease Like a subtle summer breeze, Their skin tingle With the adventure. They walk away Passing each other to continue... Continue Reading →

A coo of cloth and skin

"It is time." "NO!" He screamed, cursing at the fabric. "It is time -" "Get away from me you cursed fabric!" "We do not have time for this," the jeans cooed, as their owner shivered in the brisk spring air. "I refuse, I will wear anything but you!" "Ha!" The jeans laughed, "when was the... Continue Reading →

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