My throat is stolen by an overbearing growl

I try to speak With words that can dance, But only guttural sounds escape Pulling me into a trance. These words are mine But also clipped, Pulled apart like cloth Until I am completely stripped. The thoughts I wished to convey Now nothing but a lost smile, I am hungry for sanity Yet lost in... Continue Reading →

Do pj’s class as casual?

A buzzing from my phone. You coming tonight? Crap, I cringe in the realisation that I forgot about the meetup. Before I can scramble an excuse my phone beeps again. You forgot, didn't you? I'll give you 20 mins then I'm picking you up. Double crap. I text back furiously, fingers moving so fast they... Continue Reading →

The night is a jealous creature

Night enveloped the sky,  glistening blue poisoned by the dark substance. Its strength was undeniable, light shuddered in fear at its power. With each hour it grew, it's confidence brewing until it spewed sparkling stars, dangling from its domain. Mocking the world that could only shrivel at its omnipotence. The sun grew tired, exhausted at the... Continue Reading →

Difference is beautiful

The streets are fogged with thoughts unspoken. Thousands walk the same steps every day, Heeding touch as their tool Without any need to say. The streets are cold. Some find fear in crowds, Their heads pushed down to the ground Not wanting to be loud. The streets are dimmed. Colours are not everywhere for some,... Continue Reading →

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