Being an identical twin

Regular questions that boil my blood. You look the same! Are you twins? I'm seeing double. Can you feel it when the other gets hurt? Why don't you wear the same clothes? Do you share a boyfriend? Has your boyfriend ever confused the two of you? Can you just swap lives? Is looking at each other... Continue Reading →

A blanket woven from mother earth

A blanket of leafy green With puddles of rippling blue, The water glimmering in the orange light Feilds shimmering with due. The giant sheet undulates Smothering the world in life, Cutting, snipping and sewing She cuts with her unbending knife. Mother earth has grown tired The life she created gorging on her embrace, Nibbling away... Continue Reading →

The arrogance of a feline

"What is that... Thing?" Henry shuddered, disgusted. "That?" Suki asked, looking down to see what Henry was referring to. "Oh, you mean him?" "What else would I be referring to?" He spat back. She hissed, then whispered, "I believe that is our new companion." "It's... Shaggy?" He took a moment, surveying the intruder. "And not to... Continue Reading →

Those sad puppy eyes

"What do you want?" She asked, looking into his sad eyes. There was no reply... there never was. "What!" She bellowed, running into the living room. He followed her, his panting echoing around the vast house. "Leave me alone!" With a growl, he refused, jumping onto the sofa. "No!" He fell on top of her,... Continue Reading →

A cat and his pet human

"Excuse me?" The cat ignored her, pawing her legs with his sharp claws. "I said excuse me!" "Excuse nothing human, these legs are wasted at anything other than being my personal scratching post." He replied. A few minutes later he sat on her chest, eyes staring straight into her soul. "Do you mind?" "Mind what?... Continue Reading →

A birthday cake disaster

"What is this?" She asked. He looked at the plate in his hands, "your birthday cake?" Her eyes became wide, mouth falling open. "It looks like you sat on it?" "How dare you! I spend hours making it!" He screamed. The 'cake' was a burnt brown, with crusty black edges and looked almost boot like... Continue Reading →

The masses used for the few

What gnaws our county Or perhaps our world, Hordes of innocents shaking death's hand Down in the underworld. Hunger, fear and hate The weak kneeling on the floor, Mobs of tiny hands reaching for escape Yet they can't seem to arrive at the door. A horde of bodies Writhing to become a sea, A percent... Continue Reading →

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