A dangerously persuasive thief

"Where is it." "Where is what, Samantha?" Sam turned to him, her eyes ablaze. "You tell me right this instant." He rolled his eyes, "that is no way to barter." "I will not barter with a thief!" She screamed, her voice breaking. "Now now Sammy," he moved leisurely closer, "you'll never get what you want... Continue Reading →

Unquenchable laughter

"Stop it," she grumbled from across the counter, glaring at Sal. Sal winked. "Stop what?" Her friend asked, feigning innocence. "You know what." "I'm doing nothing!" Sal protested. Elly growled as her coworker began edging closer, bobbing her head slowly. "No..." Her voice trailed off as Sal began swaying her hips, a smile slipping onto her... Continue Reading →

A coo of cloth and skin

"It is time." "NO!" He screamed, cursing at the fabric. "It is time -" "Get away from me you cursed fabric!" "We do not have time for this," the jeans cooed, as their owner shivered in the brisk spring air. "I refuse, I will wear anything but you!" "Ha!" The jeans laughed, "when was the... Continue Reading →

An overworked Genie

"No," she replied. "Excuse me?" "Not today!" Her vibrantly deep, blue body disappeared into the lamp by magic. "Get out of there!" He screamed, throwing the golden object up and down like a ball. "Fine!" Just her face popped out, "what do you want now!" "Want?" He replied, face turning a beautiful plum colour. "I want... Continue Reading →

A young witch vs a monster of goop!

The class was silent. There was only the hushed swish of paper, the grinding of pens, and the booming, racing pulses of the nervous students as they - "HELP!" Sal bellowed, running into the room. Everyone turned, their shocked expressions staring her up and down. "Miss Elbony, we are in the middle of an exam!" The... Continue Reading →

War of the puppies

"Oh how adorable, is he yours?" She asked, her words clipped. "Yes... Is that yours?" Sam replied, just as sharply. The woman smiled, "oh yes, this is little Fluffy!" The name made Sam gag, her whole body shivering. "What a... Unique name," she managed to respond. "Thank you, your one is just adorable! What is... Continue Reading →

A blanket woven from mother earth

A blanket of leafy green With puddles of rippling blue, The water glimmering in the orange light Feilds shimmering with due. The giant sheet undulates Smothering the world in life, Cutting, snipping and sewing She cuts with her unbending knife. Mother earth has grown tired The life she created gorging on her embrace, Nibbling away... Continue Reading →

A mane that emits desperation

"Please!" She begged. "No," I replied. "Just this once!" "Never." "I have no other choice, you're the only one who can do it!" I sighed, my body deflating with the realisation that yes, I was her only option. "Fine," I grab the brush from her hand, "but this is the last time." She squeals, sitting... Continue Reading →

A stealing cat

Lucy felt a shiver, her body convulsing with a sense of knowledge. "Sammy... Something doesn't feel right," she announced. "What do you mean?" Sammy asked, looking around but seeing no issue. The house was quiet, too quiet. "Where did you put the turkey?" Lucy asked her sister. "In the porch, with all the rest of... Continue Reading →

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