Creating a golem (a mage in training, part 12)

After a tedious day of studying and bowing to cocky teachers, Ash wanted nothing more than her bed, however, she had a golem to create.  She couldn't leave it until the morning as her first lesson was Familiar Creation... and she knew, just knew, she wasn't going to wake up until the last warning bell sounded.... Continue Reading →


A class of mocking mages (a mage in training, part 11)

Her limbs killed, a chorus of moans escaping her lips as she dragged her broken body out from the thin blanket. She cursed mornings, calling the sun a hateful creature as she dressed in her mage gear. Ignoring the growl from her belly, she left for her first lesson. "Little late, aren't we Ash?" The... Continue Reading →

Singing magic (a mage in training, part 10)

Yes, she had won one battle... but the fight never ended. Ash's body craved sleep, shoulders shaking with sheer exhaustion she hobbled to her room.  For years she lived in fear of the older mages, their strength and brutality a constant warning to the village girl inside her. That was when she was younger, now,... Continue Reading →

A broken mage (a mage in training, part 9)

Getting back to the guild was anything but easy, her legs stung, eyes burned, but with blinding anger to push Ash, she eventually made it. The sun had long ago set, Yue, instead, was rising. Her friends powerful white light a comforting warmth against her back, supporting her as she entered through the elaborate wooden... Continue Reading →

A hungry ocean (a mage in training, part 5)

No, Ash chided herself, walking away from the steaming food. She didn't have the money to spend on such delicacies, but, once again, the waft from the stall clouded her rational thoughts. Nearly turning around she slapped herself, she rationalised that there was no reason to buy food when she could gorge herself at the... Continue Reading →

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