A stealing cat

Lucy felt a shiver, her body convulsing with a sense of knowledge.

“Sammy… Something doesn’t feel right,” she announced.

“What do you mean?” Sammy asked, looking around but seeing no issue.

The house was quiet, too quiet.

“Where did you put the turkey?” Lucy asked her sister.

“In the porch, with all the rest of the Christmas supplies,” Sammy declared.

“Did you shut the door?”

“The door?” Sammy blinked, “I’m not sure, why?”

Lucy made a mad dash, her legs sprinting down the hallway and into the porch with fear. But, she was too late.

“Henry!” She yelled, her eyes blazing at the sight before her.

The cat was sat on the table, licking his paws clean after a wonderful meal.

The turkey was no more.



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